Cops Nab LIRR iPhone Thief

MTA police collared 20-year old Thomas Gray of Queens for his alleged involvement in three incidents on the LIRR–involving a purloined iPhone, iPod and purse from riders on the Port Washington line.

The purse went missing last February, while this month, Gray allegedly nicked the iPod and iPhone–the latter last week.

He was arrested after being booted off the train last week for not paying his fare.

A passenger on board the 7:55 a.m. train from Port Washington January 26 reported that her iPhone had been stolen. It was later recovered using an app that can be used to track the phone if it goes missing.

Yesterday, LIRR train crew members spotted Gray on board the 10:49 a.m. train from Port Washington headed to Penn.

Because he was refusing to pay the train fare, Gray was kicked out at Bayside. The train crew notified the MTA Police, who apprehended him, and linked him to the thefts.


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