Each day this week, to commemorate our fifth birthday, Trainjotting is publishing memorable posts from the past, grouped under a specific Seven Deadly Sin. Today is Lust.

From February 2007, a mere month after Trainjotting debuted.

Drag Queen on the 8:22!

I know many of my posts start with “I’ve never seen this before,” and here I go again: A drag queen got on the northbound 8:22 at 125th last night! (S)he was ginormous–around 6? 5?, with some huge heels as well, putting her pretty darn close to 7-feet. (S)he was black and wore a brown wig, black and white leopard print coat lined with fake fur, and a fishnet crop top with a giant belly exposed. She carried two bags from the bodega.

In fact, in contrast to most drag queens I’ve seen (I did, after all, live a few blocks from Lucky Cheng’s for over a decade), (s)he wasn’t the slightest bit attractive.

Far as I can tell, this sort of stuff rarely happens on Metro North. Especially on a northbound; think about it–where the hell was she going? White Plains is the most urban–and presumably most urbane–stop on the line. And White is really the operative word there. Was (s)he antiquing in Chappaqua?

It was interesting to see the reactions of the hardcore commuters. As the drag queen found a seat, a man across the aisle (literally and probably metaphorically as well) got to his feet and walked to another car entirely. Others periodically looked up from their papers and electronic devices.

The drag queen stared out the window, applied makeup and brushed his hair. Oddly, White Plains came and went and the drag queen stayed on.

Maybe she was going antiquing in Chappaqua.

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