Each day this week, to commemorate our fifth birthday, Trainjotting is publishing memorable posts from the past, grouped under a specific Seven Deadly Sin. Today is Sloth.

From September 2011:

An Open Letter To:

Posted on September 16, 2011 by TJ

The man who chugs two Bud Tall Boys between Grand Central and Hawthorne on a nightly basis.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, as the saying goes.

In fact, it’s 5 o’clock here, which means you’re probably on line at the beer guy, ready to grab your nightly pair of Bud 16 ouncers.

Dude, it’s too much. Now, I’m not one to tell you how many beers you should be drinking on your evening train, but man, two Tall Boys in 42 minutes is too much. Most would agree.

In your mind, it’s two beers. Two metal cans holding two quantities of liquid. But really, it’s not. Two tall boys is, what…where’s that desktop calculator…36 ounces, which is three standard beers.

Too much!

Sir, you seem like an upstanding commuter, dressed in natty business casual,carrying on thoughtful conversations with your fellow passengers, presumably getting yourself home without causing bodily harm to yourself or your fellow Hawthornians.

So I appeal to your good graces: double-fisting is for college kids.

Try one Bud Tall Boy a day next week.



PS: Thank you for at least dumping the empties in the waste receptacle. It’s more than we can say for chicken wing guy!

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