Happy Birthday To Us

Trainjotting turns 5 this week.

Yes, in January of 2007, we were a rambling forum for scattered thoughts about commuting on Metro-North. Our kids were 1 and not born yet, and shades of gray were just starting to show at the temples.

Five years onwards, we remain a rambling forum for scattered thoughts about commuting on Metro-North. Little G is 6 and Little Miss C is approaching 4.

The gray, well, that’s none of your business.

My old monthly was a scant $208.74, as opposed to $260 something. A bottle of Sam Adams was a mere $2.25. What’s it now…three bucks? I don’t know because I stopped being able to afford one in, oh, 2009.

In 2007, blogs were kind of hot, and some of the more persistent ones got gobbled up for princely sums by media companies.

In 2012, hyperlocal media–stuff about your neighborhood–is all the rage. But the big fishes aren’t really gobbling up the little ones anymore.

We’ll be celebrating our birthweek by reposting some classic Trainjotting posts–storm stories, worst passengers ever, the giant drag queen on the train, riders who touched our lives, or at least our knees from across the five-seater, and other random and sundry tails from the rails from the nearly 2,000 we posted over the years. If you happen to recall a certain memorable post we’ve published–perhaps something by Engine Bob, or Jersey Jim, or Straphanger Joe–let me know and I’ll run it.

We’ll also be looking forward, hopefully with a pre-opening tour of the Hawthorne train station cafe whose fashionably late arrival we’ve teased now and then.

We are also publishing a Trainjotting related book later this year, hopefully in the spring. Details to follow. It will be fun.

Thanks for reading–Mom, The Missus, and the other six of you.

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