Waiting For Good Joe

So if you had July in the when-will-Hawthorne’s-new-station-cafe-open? pool, you lost.

If you had August, or September, or October, or November, and probably December too, for the grand opening of the Train Delay Cafe, you lost.

But there is a nice tile floor in place, on which the soles of cafe baristas will trod, and coffee will spill, and scone crumbs will tumble.

So it certainly appears, for really the first time since the venture was announced over a year ago, that we will indeed get a new cafe in the long derelict Hawthorne train station space.

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2 Responses to Waiting For Good Joe

  1. harv says:

    Is that tile or linoleum? And perhaps we need a new name for the coffee shack…..

    Never on Time

  2. alanc230 says:

    I commuted by train for two years. I hope I never have to do it again on a regular basis.

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