JerseyJim Gets Stuck on (Un)Quiet Car With Several Thousand of His Closest Friends

Freight Train Running Through the Middle of My Head
With the cold weather settling in, I’m getting choosy about the right place to stand on the platform in the morning. Alignment with the train doors is crucial. Lots of seats to be had, once we embark, but merging with the other cold and pre-coffee crowd is a brief preface to the big city sidewalks that await.

I’ve been quite fortunate in the last few days, as the train glides to
a stop right in front of me. Riding a personal high, I climb aboard
and walk to the quiet car. But today, no such luck. One of the last to board, I settled for a seat in a “chatty” car.

Gotta consider myself lucky though. As we sped east, the conductor announced that we were making an extra stop in Secaucus to pick up bus passengers diverted from the highway to Secaucus Station, after a tracker-trailer accident outside the Lincoln Tunnel.

I don’t envy those folks. Waiting for a bus, then waiting for a train,
and then probably waiting for a subway to get to midtown, which is why they take the bus to The Port Authority in the first place.


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