Port Jervis Up and Running

Metro-North’s Port Jervis line started rolling again yesterday, three months after Irene decimated the west-of-Hudson line, and a month ahead of schedule.

Port Jervis rumbles through Orange and Rockland County, and is sort of the Daniel Baldwin of the Metro-North family, a lesser light than Alec (Hudson), Stephen (New Haven) and even Billy (Harlem). (Of course, there is the Pascack line too, and that would be akin to Martin Baldwin, who falls between Alec and Stephen in age, and currently is assistant manager at Joe Guiseppe’s Pizza on Sunrise Highway in Massapequa Park.)

But for those inconvienced by Irene’s wrath, it was a joy to resume their normal commute this week.

New MTA chief Joseph Lhota was in Harriman to welcome passengers back.

Reports the NY Times:

For three months, Tom Ludington’s daily commute from Harriman to Midtown Manhattan had taken two hours, instead of the one hour and 20 minutes he was used to. Mr. Ludington spent over three times as much on parking and $50 more a week on gas to drive to a train station in Ramsey, N.J.

On Monday morning, he noticed the train ride from Harriman was a few minutes longer than before the storm because Metro-North is still making repairs. Nevertheless, he said the train’s departure was so prompt he did not have time to meet Mr. Lhota or get coffee.

“The train was perfectly on time, if not two minutes early,” he said. “It was a pleasure and delight to see and board.”

[Photo is from Tuckahoe station, which is actually not on the Port Jervis line. But you get the picture.]

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1 Response to Port Jervis Up and Running

  1. G. Francis says:

    I had no idea Stephen Baldwin smelled that bad.

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