Train Delay Cafe to Open…Soonish

I got it from a good source over the weekend that the long awaited coffee shop going in the Hawthorne train station is well underway, after the project manager got a good bollocking from the town for taking so long. I’m told the long derelict building will sport an attractive retro train station motif as its exterior interior.

I’ve seen progress too, including what looks like the cafe’s glass front door on the northern edge of the station.

Remember, this establishment, most definitely a potential anchor of Hawthorne’s puny downtown, was to open back in July.

So I put it to you: Predict when the Train Delay Cafe will open. Shoot me your projected grand opening date via the comments section or at

Whoever is closest to the start date will get a $5 credit to the cafe.

I’m totally serious. I will arrange with the owner for you to pick up your gift certificate at the counter. A frappucino and a scone. A croissant and a mocha latte. It’s up to you.

But you have to be in it to win it.


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1 Response to Train Delay Cafe to Open…Soonish

  1. harv says:

    Rumors in town say the empty lot and possibly the old BelPaese place may become a Johnny Rockets….ckd with the supr and she had no confirm on that. I would love to see the old bldg renovated and a one way parking lot with angled parking in the empty lot. Hey Santa, thats on my wish list.

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