Pretend Train Bomber Collared At Pelham Station

MTA police yanked a man off the train yesterday after he said he had explosives in his backpack

The 12:57 pm train from New Haven was stopped in Pelham to evacuate passengers, and let the cops on board.

The man was arrested and no explosives were found.

Reports Journal News:

“The 12:57 p.m. train from New Haven, Conn., to Grand Central Station made an unscheduled stop in Pelham Monday afternoon to evacuate passengers from the train and allow a police K-9 unit to search the train, officials said.”

Did the Journal News really refer to Grand Central Terminal as Grand Central Station? ‘Fraid so.

The incident may call to mind the actions of the so-called Bomber Bandit who terrorized central Westchester, or at least robbed a few local establishments, with what he said was dynamite strapped to his chest.

The train was 34 minutes late pulling into Grand Central.


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