Poll Positions

Well, things are heating up in central Westchester here on Election Eve, and the comments on Trainjotting reflect that.

First, we had town board hopeful Jane Abbate, expressing thanks that we endorsed her, and her quality of life driven platform, for a board position.

Then we had three identical ones from “Scott,” saying that Joan Maybury is not fit to be town supervisor, and Richard Gagliardi is. 

Then “Jo” took us to task for saying that “Unsinkable” Bernice Spreckman’s hair looks like it too is unsinkable, asking if it was “really necessary” to do so. (To which we say, is anything on Trainjotting “really necessary”? Sadly, no.)

“Jo” also said Maybury was unfit for office, writing her off as one of Robert Meehan’s “Puppets and Pawns.” (Wasn’t Puppets & Pawns the offshoot band the dude with the tattoos from Blink 182 started, or are my signals crossed again?)

Finally, “Frank” commented with an elaborate and very detailed attempt to discredit Dr. Richard Gagliardi PhD.’s academic and professional credentials. Frank did not offer his last name or the reason why he felt compelled to go digging into someone’s background, so we have thus far chosen not to publish his comment.

Frank, however, did mention that he felt having both the “Dr.” honorific and the “PhD.” suffix was a bit narcissistic. I’m neither a doctor nor a PhD., so I really can’t comment on that.

By the way, there’s a very lively discussion among LoHud readers about the Mount Pleasant elections and the various candidates here.

Speaking of the Gagliardi camp, the sign that marked Bel Paese as “Gagliardi Headquarters” is down, replaced by smaller signs that do not refer to the restaurant as headquarters. We were excited to think that something was actually in the Bel Paese space a few years after the train station area cornerstone was shuttered, the joint getting staffers back together, if only for a frenzied night, serving pasta fagioli and merlot to weary Gagliardi campain staffers, perhaps News 12’s Brian Conybeare allowing himself a cannoli or two while waiting on returns. (Is Brian still there? We switched to phone company TV a few years ago.)

We did, however, see giant “Gagliardi Headquarters” banners in front of the Citgo where Rte. 141 hits 100, and again at an office building just east of Four Corners in Thornwood.

(UPDATE: Gagliardi’s website details the whole banner issue here, saying the town building department forced him to take the sign off Bel Paese for what the Gagliardi camp calls political reasons:

It would appear that the Town’s action was politically motivated, orchestrated by a desperate incumbent, who is in fear of losing power and her control over the Town.  Interestingly enough, while the incumbent was demanding that her opponent remove his campaign sign, she saw nothing wrong in placing her own banner on the exterior of another business here in Town.

Richard Gagliardi said he was told to remove a banner from Bel Paese, but that a sign for Maybury-Fulgenzi-Rubeo was allowed to flap in the breeze a few blocks away.

We doubt Gagliardi headquarters is actually in the tiny Citgo kiosk that’s barely big enough for the cashier guy, so we assume they are suggesting that all of Mount Pleasant is Gagliardi headquarters.

Who knows–after today, maybe it will be.

Get out and vote.

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1 Response to Poll Positions

  1. John Q Public says:

    Please publish Frank’s comments (or at least an abridged version of them)!!!!
    We need to see all sides of this race before the polls open. It seems Gagliardi has more than a few inconsistencies in his background, titles, etc. I saw the postings on Lohud and it seems the posters may be on to something about Gagliardi’s background including his claiming to have been a cop. One poster did back him claiming to have confirmed him having been a cop, but another said officials in the town he supposedly worked didn’t know of him.
    The poster who claimed he confirmed it, just registered at Lohud today and it was his/her first ever post (this is my first post on here as well, but I’m just looking for as much info as possible before making a decision). Smells of a plant.
    Should be a long and interesting day tomorrow.
    I’m glad you endorsed Abbate, she seems like a good alternative to the stagnant do-nothings currently on the Town Board.

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