OK, this really has nothing to do with trains.

I could make some feeble train connection, like, you could trek down to Delaware on Amtrak to check out the flying pumpkins this weekend, but I won’t. And Bridgeville, Delaware isn’t really near an Amtrak stop.

So I’ll just get right into it. My sister, Eileen Baker, has authored the definitive book on this peculiar slower Lower Delaware pastime known as Punkin Chunkin. You may have seen Punkin Chunkin on the Discovery Channel–some of the brightest minds in lower Delaware and beyond have come up with contraptions that fling pumpkins some 4,000 feet through the air.

Yes, 4,000 feet. .

And my sister wrote the kid’s book about it.

The promo copy reads:

Take a trip with Spittin’ Seeds, Ice Cube and Bad to the Bone –

To Punkin Chunkin – where over a mile, a punkins been thrown!

Come hear and see the machines who compete for the coveted crown.

This year, who will take the trophy to its hometown?

It’s a fun rhyming little book that’s available here for the low, low price of $10.95.

Punkin Chunkin kicks off today, with a winner crowned around 5 p.m. Sunday.

There are bands and beauty pageants and pumpkins smashing left and right, and my wee sister selling her book.

So pick one up. (The book, that is–not the smashed pumpkins.)

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