The Trainjotting Endorsements Are In

County legislator hopeful John Nonna was at the Hawthorne train station this morningbecause, as any political strategist will tell you, Hawthorne makes or breaks local politicians (hello, Rob Astorino!).

Nonna’s handbill says he was a U.S. Olympian in 1972 and 1980; Wikipedia says he competed in fencing. (Gratuitous plug for Trainjotting subway columnist emeritus Straphanger Joe’s fencing novel “Open Wounds” here!)

So Nonna, the former Pleasantville mayor, has my vote, though once I boarded the 8:16, I spotted a card for his rival Bernice Spreckman, who is described as “Unsinkable” in her promotional materials. (Indeed, that hairdo certainly appears to be unsinkable.)

Will it float?

On to the Mount Pleasant ticket. Incumbent town supervisor Joan Maybury is feeling the heat from Richard Gagliardi. We’ve gotten to know Joan Maybury a tiny bit from these cyberpages and she sure seems like a decent person and dedicated servant of the public. Plus, she’s taken steps to ensure Hawthorne station does not repeat as the Tri-State’s worst train station.

Couple those efforts with our not very nice interactions with the Gagliardi camp, and, well, Maybury has our vote. (For what it’s worth, the Daily Mount Pleasant had a better experience with the Gagliardi camp, and we are pleased that Maybury is not running unopposed, because that’s lame. So thank you for that, Richard G.)

On to the town board, where a pair of seats are open. Maybury has Mark Rubeo and Carl Fulgenzi on her ticket. We met Rubeo briefly while signing Little G up for soccer in the spring, and again at the Hawthorne Fall Festival a few weeks back, and he strikes us as a fine dude–personable and genuinely interested in making our town better.

What little we know of Fulgenzi is that when he ran for town board some years ago, he mentioned sidewalks in his campaign materials as something he would work to improve. I can’t say that I’ve seen the evidence, and I vaguely remember leaving a couple messages for him a year or so into his tenure, asking about the sidewalk progress, and never heard back.

So that leaves room for Jane Abbate, who is one of the founders of the quality of life org Mount Pleasant Today, who has actual evidence of improving life for pedestrians and commuters in Mount Pleasant, and whom I also met at the Fall Festival. (Geez, when did the Hawthorne Fall Fest turn into Iowa in an election year January?)


Maybury, Rubeo, Abbate.

Those are my votes.

My name is TJ and I approve of this message.

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5 Responses to The Trainjotting Endorsements Are In

  1. Wrong Opponent says:

    Spreckman is not Nonna’s opponent. Michael Smith is and he’s the better choice.

  2. Jane Abbate says:

    Thank you for your endorsement Trainjotting! You got it right. I’m proud of all the accomplishments Mount Pleasant Today has implemented at the Hawthorne Station. Never underestimate what a group of concerned citizens can get done.
    Let’s keep the ball moving !
    Vote Jane Abbate on November 8th.
    Line G Mount Pleasant Now Party

  3. Scott says:

    When Joan Maybury will not even return your phone call or allow you to speak to her in person about an important town problem SOMETHING IS WRONG.
    Joan is no longer representing the residents of the Town of Mount Pleasant when she will not speak to one of her constituents. She is no longer serving in the capacity of a “public servant” which is a violation of her oath of office.
    There are many town issues that never seem to get addressed fairly and there is a lack of accountability and a lack of public disclosure. SOMETHING IS WRONG.
    It is time for a change on Election day November 8th 2011

  4. Jo says:

    Joan is not qualified to run the Town and would not have been Town Supervisor if not appointed to the position in the first place. She is merely another one of Meehan’s Puppets and Pawns. The Mighty Regime’s exodus must continue — out with the old and in with the new. It’s time for the residents and local business owners to take their town back.

  5. Jo says:

    and another thing…

    Was is really necessary for you to poke fun at Bernice Spreckman’s hair? Personal attacks on a person’s looks is just plain ugly.

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