Abbate: Give MPT Some Credit For Town Improvements

Town board hopeful Jane Abbate weighed in on Town Supervisor Joan Maybury’s comments on Trainjotting about how she’s improved quality of life in the town, and says maybe the civic org Mount Pleasant Today deserves some credit too.

Abbate writes:

Luckily for the residents of Mount Pleasant, Mount Pleasant Today is proud to say we were instrumental in urging the Supervisor to focus on the accomplishments mentioned above. Specifically, the new Taxi service, the crosswalks, and the new fencing installed by Metro North. Not to mention a new designated site for bus and van pick up and drop off.

I am not aware of any tax “decrease.” My taxes were increased by 1% last year, over 8% the prior year, and 2% the year before that. That works out to about a 4% average over the past 3 years.

Abbate sat down with Trainjotting to detail her views on improving Mount Pleasant a few weeks ago.

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