A Few Words With Joan Maybury

Mount Pleasant Town Supervisor Joan Maybury took a short break from managing the town to dish with Trainjotting on her (almost) first two years as supervisor, what’s next on her agenda, and which New York sports icon she sees as a role model.

Running on a ticket with board members Mark Rubeo and Carl Fulgenzi, Maybury is facing an Election Day challenge from Richard Gagliardi for town supervisor. Gagliardi’s camp did not respond to our request for an interview.

You’re coming up on two years as town supervisor. What are you most proud of during that time?

I am most proud of successfully managing the town during the very difficult financial times we are confronting.  With dwindling revenues, we decreased taxes last year (less than 1%) and will do so again this year to reduce the tax burden on families in our community.  This involved making tough decisions, including reducing staff, benefits, etc.

What’s been your most vexing issue to date?

The WEATHER!  In one year 17 to 18 snowstorms, a hurricane and over 60 inches of rainfall to date.  Dealing with the after effects of these issues has been a paramount concern.

You’ve worked hard to improve the quality of life around the town’s train stations. Is there still room for improvement?

There is always room for improvement.  I am very thrilled with the new taxi company that has clean, safe cars for our residents to use.

In the future, I would love to see new fencing provided by Metro North continued north at the Hawthorne train station.  In addition, the replacement of the guard rail is also something that should be planned on for the not too distant future.  Both Valhalla and Hawthorne train stations are in need of some drainage and paving, as well.

Will Mount Pleasant ever have a substantial number of sidewalks, or is it simply too costly to retrofit a town that wasn’t built with them? What is the town doing to promote walking and, in the process, cut back on the reliance on automobiles?

Right now, it is too costly to retrofit the town with sidewalks.  However, when new development is proposed, we do ask for sidewalk modifications (ex. Walgreen’s will have sidewalk at 4 Corners).

We will continue to keep this on our radar and look for grant opportunities and make improvements when financially feasible.  Most residents are walking when possible, especially to train stations and shopping areas.

We have installed pedestrian crosswalking areas to promote pedestrian access across roadways.  These are in place in Hawthorne, Valhalla and Thornwood now…

If I could put anything I want into the Bel Paese space, it would be… 

…a fruit stand with fresh vegetables and produce…maybe serve as a market location for residents on the weekends!

Favorite New York athlete and why:

Derek Jeter….Of course, I am a Yankee fan and Derek has always been a great spokesman for NY.  He comes to work everyday without complaint and continues to play with hustle, intensity and passion.  I admire most that he is passionate about what he does…That is very important if you want to do anything well!

Daily Mount Pleasant has its interview with Mrs. Maybury here.

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2 Responses to A Few Words With Joan Maybury

  1. Jane Abbate says:

    Luckily for the residents of Mount Pleasant, Mount Pleasant Today is proud to say we were instrumental in urging the Supervisor to focus on the accomplishments mentioned above. Specifically, the new Taxi service,the crosswalks, and the new fencing installed by metro north. Not to mention a new designated site for bus and van pick up and drop off.
    I am not aware of any tax “decrease” My taxes were increased by 1% last year, over 8% the prior year, and 2% the year before that. That works out to about a 4% average over the past 3 years.

  2. scott says:

    When Joan Maybury will not even return your phone call or allow you to speak to her in person about an important town problem SOMETHING IS WRONG.
    Joan is no longer representing the residents of the Town of Mount Pleasant when she will not speak to one of her constituents. She is no longer serving in the capacity of a “public servant” which is a violation of her oath of office.
    There are many town issues that never seem to get addressed fairly and there is a lack of accountability and a lack of public disclosure. SOMETHING IS WRONG.
    It is time for a change on Election day November 8th 2011

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