Valhalla Gets a Gay Bar

If you’re looking for a lively place to check out some colorful costumes a week from today, we would surmise that Valhalla’s B Lounge, located across the street from the Valhalla train station, would be a good bet on Halloween.

B Lounge is Westchester’s one and only gay bar, reports Westchester Magazine. Its proprietors were behind Stutz Bar in White Plains, which served the county’s gay community for years but closed almost a decade ago.

In steps B Lounge, which is crystal clear about who its target customer is:

“The newest and trendiest lounge in Westchester!” reads its website. “Westchester’s ONLY premiere all gay lounge!”

One error we saw in the Westchester Mag account: the article says that not only is B Lounge the county’s only gay bar, but it is also the only bar in Valhalla.

In fact, right across the street is the converted train station that now serves up many, many tap beers and decent pub grub: Valhalla Crossing.

Westchester Mag never tires of talking up the 9-1-4 as the Greatest Place on Earth whose amenities and offerings and residents are second to none; not even that city of 8 million a few miles south. (On salons: “Think you need to go south for Manhattan-style cuts and color? Think again.” On antiques: ” You don’t have to trek into Manhattan to find pieces with pedigree.” On restaurants: “If you think that Westchester’s restaurants can’t compare to Manhattan’s, we’re hardly sad to inform you that you’re wrong.”)

I can see the story coming up soon: If you think Chelsea’s got a lively gay nightlife scene, you should check out Valhalla!

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3 Responses to Valhalla Gets a Gay Bar

  1. Emily says:

    Well, I wish them luck in that spot. Quite a few places in that strip there have been like revolving doors, many of the establishments were rather short-lived.

  2. harv says:

    Back in the 70s and 80s, there was a bar in Valhalla, up by the crossing of the dam. It was called the Night Owl. Although not advertised as such, i do believe it catered to the gay population during that era.

    • la says:

      yes, i do remember that bar. i had lots of fun there. it was owned by a gay lady named dee and there was a bouncer who was the sweetest lady, her nick was switchy (rita). it was a fun place when i didn’t feel like going into the city and it was very friendly. i was actually looking on google to see if i could locate switchy so decided to try to searching for ‘night owl valhalla ny’ and found your note on this site.

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