Word of the Week: CALMMUTE

CALMMUTE /cawlm MUTE/ noun, verb: A more relaxed, less bothersome ride to/from work on one of Metro-North’s designated “Quiet Cars,” which debuted today.

Usage: I was curious about Metro-North’s quiet cars, and had such a relaxing calmmute that I fell asleep and woke up two hours later in a railyard in North White Plains.

NOTE: I tried what I think was to be the the quiet car today on the 8:16–the last car on the line on a peak train. It was…quiet. There were two guys, these friendly older Deadhead types, chatting in the very tail end of the car. Otherwise, there was not a sound.

Oddly, I have no idea if it was actually the quiet car. No announcement from the conductor, no signage, no nothing. Metro-North has inserted the word “select” in front of “peak trains” in its verbiage, suggesting that not every peak train has a quiet car.

So I’m not really certain if I took part in commuter–er, calmmuter–history today.

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