Victoria’s Secret Metro-North Pal

Our Metro-North blogging brethren IRidetheHarlemLine did a fun interview with our Metro-North blogging brethren Derailed. Derailed is Bobby McDonough’s diary about the people he meets while working as a conductor on Metro-North; Bobby has taken a break from the blogging of late but hopefully will get back into it, as his stories are funny.

McDonough is a fourth generation railroad man. He says of the railroad worker’s life:

…when you think about it, we carry some of the most fascinating people in the world. From the captains of industry, to Wall Street billionaires, Hollywood celebrities to street corner drug dealers (okay, maybe drug dealers aren’t fascinating, but they are interesting). Our passengers come from all walks of life, and I love to chatting with all of them and learning their life stories.  Also, it’s a steady job with good pay and great benefits.  I love my job….not many people can say that.

Bobby McD’s got some great stories, such as the time a man boarded the train with a wallaby, and the relationship he developed on the train with SNL alum Victoria Jackson.

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