Tell it to the Hand

The street outside the 6 train at 28th and Park is now completely idiot-proof, thanks to digital countdowns before the pedestrianlight turns red.

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3 Responses to Tell it to the Hand

  1. Emily says:

    Nothing is ever completely idiot proof.

    • Sean says:

      All of this stuff seems like a waste of money. Even a few years back, when they got rid of the words ‘Walk’ and ‘Don’t Walk’ and replaced them with the pictures. Does anyone honestly think people were blindly walking into traffic because they couldn’t get the concept of those words??

      • jon says:

        They seem like a waste of time, until you are older or slower and can’t dash across the street in the couple of seconds between the don’t walk turning solid and the traffic receiving their green light.
        As for the pictures vs the words, it might have to do with foreign tourists who don’t always speak English.
        Also, not everyone can read, so it’s not that they don’t understand the concept of the word “walk” or “don’t walk”, but the characters are complete gibberish to them.
        Try to read a walk/don’t walk sign written in Arabic, Chinese, or a Cyrillic script, you have to red the language rather speak it for it to make any sense.

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