Will Someone Please Buy This Guy a Sony Watchman?

Westport’s leafy Currier & Ives motif took a hit late last week when a man nicked a television from the Westport train station.

Police got a call around 4 a.m. Friday that a “bald black male” wearing a dark-hooded sweatshirt was stealing a television off of the wall in the station’s waiting room.

Bald males are common in Westport; bald black males are not.

Keith Bondurant of Bridgeport was then arrested while sitting on the station platform with the TV wrapped in garbage bags next to him, reports Westport Now.

Keith Bondurant goes crazy when he misses The Price is Right.

It’s not Bondurant’s first try at pilfering a TV; Norwalk Hour reports that Bondurant was picked up in 2002 after stealing a TV from a library in South Norwalk.

I have to say, Westport people have it pretty good–not only a waiting room, but a TV to watch while waiting for the train.

Clearly Westport is jockey for Trainjotting’s Best Train Station honors.

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