We Almost Made it Through Without Mentioning Sept. 11

I know we’re all burnt out on Sept. 11 coverage, and Trainjotting is all about having a little chuckle at the expense of the guy next to you on the train. But this Op-Ed from Joe Nocera in today’s Times is a good read.

Nocera was on the Amtrak, heading into Penn Station when the towers fell ten years ago.

Ten years later, he’s on Acela, pondering the new world we live in.

He writes:

It has given us a new vigilance and important security measures aimed at keeping us safe. But it also put some 400,000 people on no-fly lists, most of them falsely, with no way of getting off. It has given us the Patriot Act — the implication being that anyone who opposes it is unpatriotic. As important as it is to honor the memory of those who died — and to continue the battle against those who would do us harm — we should also acknowledge that we’ve lost something, as a country, because of 9/11.

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