God, There’s Something F-ing Odd About That Man On My Train

Nice to see MyEffingCommute back in the blog game after, oh, six months off.

Effing sees Jesus swigging from a 40-dogger on the Metro-North.

We were in a communal 6 pack seat, three facing three, and Jesus quickly put his sandals up onto the empty seat across from him. They were the feet of a man who worked hard for a living, who wasn’t afraid of getting a little dirty, but maybe was afraid of a regular shower. I didn’t begrudge him this. Who am I to judge the king of kings. He threw his dusty hemp satchel on the seat between us, produced a cold 40 oz. and took a long deliberate pull from the bottle.
Long day Jesus? I asked.


See if you can read the whole of this without getting a certain Joan Osborne song stuck in your head.

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