The Worst Train Station in the Region–Keep Those Votes Coming

Hey, keep those nominations coming for the worst train station in the tri-state area–the most soulless, charmless, joyless and Purel-inspiring station in the land.

Is it the desolate railyards of North White Plains, or the generic suburban bleakness of Hawthorne (to be fair, I did see a gardener planting flowers along that fence leading to the Broadway lot today), or something across the Hudson?

Or, lest the Nutmeg State think it’s getting off scot-free, is Waterbury, Connecticut the worst–and most dangerous–station in the land.

You decide.

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3 Responses to The Worst Train Station in the Region–Keep Those Votes Coming

  1. It depends on what your definition of “train” is and what the definition of “worst” is…based on that photo above of people crowding into a subway car (hilarious!) I’d have to say the Bedford Ave station of the L…practically sardines in the morning!

  2. harv sibley says:

    Hawthorne Spirits broken into over the wknd….. 2 bottles of 2 buck chuck stolen, front door smashed. One yute from Mt Pleasant in custody, another might be as well. Hot time, summer in the…er, town?

  3. tarp says:

    Kids these days.

    Why don’t they get their alcohol the way we did when we were kids? By paying off somebody who looks around 21 to get it for you!


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