When Straphangers Actually Had Straps to Hang Onto

I love this pic. (Click to enlarge.)

The guy blissfully strumming away on his guitar.  The kid who’s way too old to be held. The kid’s pants, and sneakers. The busted door of the conductor’s shack that surely doubled as homeless guy latrine. The ad for Winston smokes. The kid being held up so he can better study the ad for Winston smokes.

(Okay, he and his pops are more likely looking at the 2-foot rats through the window.)

It’s like the old “How many things are wrong with this picture?” thing in Highlights Magazine.

It’s a NY Times story about how the subways of the ’70s weren’t safe or clean, but they sure had a lot of open seats. The reader comments are fun.

One reader goes off point to suggest a NYC train system that envelopes the closer-in suburbs:

One thing I’d love to see would be inclusion of the shorter-distance (within the city limits or only as far as nearby suburbs such as New Rochelle, Yonkers, Hempstead, Long Beach and Port Washington) commuter railways into the city transit system – a New York version of the London Overground, as it were. That would relieve bus and subway crowding without any need for new construction, though it might ruffle some upscale feathers.

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