‘Well-Educated’ Westport Witch is ID’d

Call her Hermon Monster–the awful snob who was caught on camera hammering a Metro-North conductor with reports of her stunning education has been identified by the nameless, faceless blogosphere: Hermon Raju.

[See the classic video here.]

Of course, this is very difficult to verify, and maybe IRidetheHarlemLine has the right idea by not identifying her. But we couldn’t resist.

Raju is from India, by way of upstate New York, and went to NYU, according to her Facebook page, for both undergrad and post grad studies. (Not a bad education, but I’m not so sure NYU rises to “Do you know how well educated I am?” status.)

Among her television “Likes” are “Paris Hilton’s My New BFF,” showing that Ms. Raju does indeed have sterling class.

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that Hermon Raju does not have many Facebook friends (14).

Far more popular on Facebook is the page “Hermon Raju is more educated than you.”

IRidetheHarlem offers up sage advice from the whole Hermon Raju situation: maybe try to be a little nicer to your Metro-North (or LIRR, even though that’s probably a little more difficult) conductor.

She writes:

Honestly though, I really shouldn’t have to say this. When you get off the train in the evening, why don’t you say “Good Night”? Or in the morning say “Good Morning.” And maybe “Please” and “Thank You” too. It isn’t hard. After all, it is a conductor that gets your drunk ass home on New Years, and put up with so many people’s crap on a day to day basis. I’ve heard people say things to conductors that I would never even type on this blog (and I certainly have no qualms about using the f-word, these are way beyond that).

Seriously though. Good morning, good night, please, thank you – this is basic stuff you should use throughout your life – not just on the train. Be a nice person, and don’t wind up on the internet.

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2 Responses to ‘Well-Educated’ Westport Witch is ID’d

  1. Emily says:

    I’m really wondering if that facebook page is legit. There is also a youtube page here: http://www.youtube.com/hermonkaurraju of which I am also a bit skeptical of. If it is indeed legit, she deserves the harassment, as her “version” of the footage includes comments about not having free speech on the train. In terms of mainstream sites, though, YouTube has some of the most idiotic and remarkably stupid users imaginable, and I certainly wouldn’t put creating a fake profile beyond them.

  2. Tim Treacy says:

    I agree. There is also a twitter acc. https://twitter.com/#!/NotCrazyRaju And a Facebook page, it’s pretty funny imo. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hermon-Raju-Is-More-Educated-Than-You/216686845038551

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