Special Saturday Edition: Overly Educated Woman Put in Place on Train

We interrupt the usual Saturday AYSO-nap-barbecue routine to share a viral link of a woman asked to keep her cell phone convo down on Metro-North, who ends up snapping at the conductor, and informing the woman in blue that she’s too “well-educated” to be told to keep her voice down (and her language clean) by the rank and file.

The video is here.

“Do you know what schools I’ve been to? How well-educated I am?” she says.

This may just be the best part:

After the altercation, the conductor came on the loudspeaker and reminded people to keep conversations quiet, “especially those people who went to Harvard or Yale or are from Westport.”

I have to say the conductor handled herself very well in this situation. The rider? She came off as more pretentious than a Camus-spewing Oxbridge frosh.

It’s those old New Haven Line cars–they’re making people batshit crazy.

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