Big Dig at Hawthorne Station

When I finally did crawl home last night, I saw some major construction work going on around Hawthorne’s train station building; as Town Supervisor Joan Maybury told me recently, work has begun in earnest on the soon-to-be Station Cafe that’s going into the building, and that includes new sidewalks all around.

This morning, as Iwent to lock my bike up, there was more digging going on next to the bike rack. In fact, a steel pole stuck to a giant hunk of concrete was upended, and leaning against the bike rack, bending the entire rack toward the ground several inches.

OK, I fought to get the rack put in and use it daily. Maybe I’m a little overprotective of it. But I’ve also seen what happens when the town workers have knocked the thing clear over, and right now, there’s not enough room to lock up a bike under the overpass.

I tried to lift the steel pole off the rack, but I don’t think the Canseco Twins, in their ‘roidal prime, could’ve budged the thing.

I looked at the two guys digging holes in the dirt.

“This thing’s resting on the bike rack,” I say to the nearest one.

He’s heavy set and tan and has a giant wad of something in his cheek.

He stares at me and spits a steady stream of red-brown into the dirt.

“Yeah,” he says. “We’ll get it off.”

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