Fail & Ride

Hey Metro-North-

Thank you for the Mail & Ride ticket that never showed up this month.

Thank you for forcing me to wait in line at steamy Grand Central with the other no-ticket schmoes on the first day of the month yesterday, subjecting me to the mocking of smug passers-by who thought ahead about their tickets, or actually had them delivered by Mail & Ride.

Here’s what you said, Metro-North, about Mail & Ride on your website:

Don’t you have enough to think about?

Yes, yes, I do. Work. Kids. Mortgage. The lowly Mets. Not whether or not my pre-paid monthly ticket will arrive.

With Mail & Ride, your monthly Metro-North RailRoad ticket is automatically mailed to you like clockwork.

What kind of “clockwork” are we talking about here? The crappy digital clock that thrice failed to wake its owner up in time for an important meeting or flight, and now sits mid-pile in some Staten Island landfill?

I know, the error could be with the post office. Maybe you held up your end of the bargain.

But if you try to charge me for my monthly that never arrived, and force me to navigate your phone tree thicket to point out that I’ve been charged for something I never paid for, I will be pissed.

Hoping for better days,


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