Hudson Line Rules the Roost

Like Lightning McQueen zooming in from the side of the pack, the river-hugging Hudson Line has edged ahead of its mainlander brethren Harlem Line for top Metro-North on-time rate year to date, according to the latest issue of Mileposts.

With a rocking March that saw Hudson on time 98.3% of the time (Keep in mind, Metro-North counts arriving within six minutes of your scheduled time as being “on time.” Try that one with your boss next time you’re six minutes late for a key meeting.). That performance boosted Hudson to a 97.9% year to date on time rate–a wee bit better than Harlem’s 97.5%.

Of course, the Beleaguered New Haven Line (BNHL), meandering around those little Sound beaches and breaking down when it feels like it, is pulling up the rear at 92.7%.

So the Hudson Line has the great river views–and the most on-time train.

And the New Haven Line has the stankin’ old cars–and the worst timeliness.

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1 Response to Hudson Line Rules the Roost

  1. Tyler says:

    Those are some pretty spiffy on-time reports! Even the BNHL beat all 14 of our lines for on-time performance! Up here in Boston our system average is 76%, and the worst line is 62%. Not a single line got higher than 90%.

    I’m betting that it’s our commuter rail fleet’s Mean Time Between Failure average of 2,654 miles. Want some perspective on that? The goal is 10,200 miles MTBF. We had a bit of a rough winter, to say the least. And then even without snow, we had a train break down in the middle of the station throat at rush hour last week in the middle of rush hour, delaying 40 trains half an hour or more. The cause was one fried electrical chip.

    – Tyler, Worcester Line rider who wants to move to Metro-North territory

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