The Sound of One Man Dancing

Have you seen the AT&T Mobile commercial set at Grand Central, where a guy is geared up to be a part of a flash mob, ends up doing his flash mob jig all by himself to the amusement of GCT onlookers (and disappointment of fellow flash mobbers), then realizes he missed a text announcing that the mob activity has been delayed?

It’s a beauty.

Notably, the commercial assumes the viewer knows what the heck a flash mob is.

I guess it officially takes the flash mob–a few dozen or hundred or thousand people turning up at a public place to do something wacky in the name of performance art–out of the cool fringe and into the mainstream.

Of course, you could argue that flash mobs jumped the shark, if I can mix two nouveau phrases, some time ago. ABC’s brilliant comedy Modern Family had Mitchell take part in a flash mob at some outdoor mall last season, which made his partner Cameron very jealous.

And AT&T isn’t even the first telco to use the flash mob in its marketing. T-Mobile won some awards for a flash mob spot set at London’s Liverpool Station over a year ago.

Improv Everywhere of course made ‘flash mob’ a popular term following its fantastic Grand Central freeze-up early in 2008.

Flash mob culture is a no brainer for telecommunications marketers. Flash mobbers are young and hip and city people, and the mob itself is reliant on carefully synchronized communications devices.

We’ll see if the smartphone companies can next work Improv Everywhere’s no-pants subway rides into its marketing.

[image: UK Telegraph]

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