Flat Feet Plague M8 Fleet?

Sounds as though Metro-North’s new M8 cars are having almost as much trouble as the Trainjotting blog (my most recent shutdown late last week appears to be the work of an automated web hacker that zaps sites which have not yet upgraded to the most recent publishing system available).

Connecti-spondent “Saugatucker” shares that an M8 car out of Grand Central last week came to a stop out in East Norwalk almost two hours after it took off. Riders then had to wait another 90 minutes for a replacement train to show up.

Writes Westport Now:

Metro-North spokeswoman Marjorie Anders said a brake pad locked, became heated, and flattened one of the car’s wheels. She said maintenance personnel were reviewing on board computer logs to identify what caused the malfunction.

And those riders thought they were lucky for scoring one of the rare M8 cars that’s slowly being introduced to the Beleaguered New Haven Line (BNHL).

Let’s hope it’s not a chronic problem for the fleet.

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