More Feet, More Agony

Back on the rails today for the first time in over a week, thanks to a few work-from-homes sandwiched around my annual trip to Vegas. (Two thoughts about Vegas: the monorail remains a very underrated way to cruise the Strip for far less money and way less wait time than cabs, and why the hell doesn’t Vegas build a rail link from McCarran Airport to downtown? It would be a like a six-minute ride–or, about 40 minutes shorter than the time I spent zigging and zagging through the endless maze of taxi queue at the airport. All of Vegas is designed to get people to the casinos quicker, right? C’mon!)

Anyway, what a difference a week-plus makes. I was struck by the fact that color had actually returned to the mid-Westchester, and Manhattan, landscape: green grass, bright azaleas, purple flora of undefined genus.

Park Ave South around 35th

Our Connecti-spondent CTRider, however, was seeing nothing but red yesterday after sharing train proximity with a woman sporting bare feet–on the seat.

We lamented the shoeless feet conundrum in these cyber-pages recently, but CTRider takes it one better: Shoeless, and sockless, feet. Raised on the seat. For all to see/smell.


As if the New Haven Line wasn’t foul enough!

Sadly, this kind of behavior tends to reward the boorish bipedal with the rarest of train prizes: A bunch of space to yourself.

Writes CTRider:

Truly disgusting. She got an entire 5 seater to herself on a packed train because no one wanted to sit near her!

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