New Haven Line Becomes ‘Pineapple Express’

We’ve refrained from commenting on James Franco’s hosting of the Academy Awards earlier this week, primarily because we didn’t see much of the show and don’t care all that much.

We do, however, find it interesting that Franco–better known to us for his work on Freaks and Geeks, is pursuing multiple high-level degrees at multiple high-level universities, including, oh, Yale, NYU and Columbia.

According to a story in today’s NY Times, Franco is enrolled in full-time, intensive, have-to-be-there programs at both NYU and Yale. How does this jet-setter get from Manhattan to New Haven, and back?

Metro-North, of course!

Yes, Ol’ Squinty Eyes rides on the crappy, broken down old New Haven Line. Now that’s commitment!

Writes the NY Times:

Mr. Franco is clearly not your average graduate student. Last semester, when he and Dr. Warner needed time to discuss a paper, Mr. Franco’s personal assistant helped arrange an unusual solution.

“The only time we could find time to talk was during a train ride from New York to New Haven,” said Dr. Warner, who splits his time between the two. “So I met him on Metro-North.”

In fact, Franco had a movie out last year about his ride from New York to New Haven.

It’s called 127 Hours.

With jokes like that, maybe I can host next year.

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