The (Partially Hidden) Back Door to GCT

Just when you think you know every entry and exit to Grand Central, a new one pops up.

I had an offsite work event at the Roosevelt Hotel on 45th, between Lex and Vanderbilt, and was planning a hasty exit soon as it ended.

The meeting wrapped. We convened for a drink at the reception. I planned an exit strategy to get home in time for dinner.

I was in that no man’s land between the entrance on Madison and 47th, and the more common entrances by Michael Jordan’s and on 42nd.

But there it was, a generic looking doorway with ‘GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL’ stenciled above it, and people heading in.

I hit the door with four minutes until departure time. I passed an underground Blimpie, and expressed surprise internally that the sandwich chain with the most unfortunate name for these weight-conscious times is still in existence.

Things looked familiar when I entered the western concourse area–the Starbucks, the Transit Museum–around Track 40.

I made my train with a moment to spare, and learned a little (more) about GCT in the process.

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1 Response to The (Partially Hidden) Back Door to GCT

  1. jerseyjim says:

    The first Blimpie store was opened in Hoboken, New Jersey, in 1964. (The original store called “Blimpie Base” remained unchanged until about 1994 when it was remodeled). (-wikipedia)

    Where it all started for Baseball, Frank Sinatra, Hobos, and Blimpie…

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