Grand Central Getting an Apple Store?

One of the shiny, trendy Apple stores that give a neighborhood cool-kid cred might be coming to Grand Central, reports the NY Observer.

Apple has started the ball rolling on opening such a store, though opening anything in a landmark building in GCT comes with considerable red tape to cut through.

Writes the Observer:

Apple has begun a super-secret quest for a store in historic Grand Central Terminal, potentially creating a hive of buzzing techies in the glamorous Beaux Arts landmark.

Reliable sources tell The Observer that the maker of ubiquitous iGadgets—from computers to cell phones—hopes to open a store in the transportation and retail hub, though it has yet to begin the long approval process necessary for opening in a city landmark.

Apple is so tight-lipped about future stores, says the Observer, that it apparently will walk away from a potential deal if word of it leaks. So no one is saying nothin’.

The i-biquitous brand has stores in some funky locations around Manhattan, though I can’t say I’ve ever been to one–I buy my i-gear online, and my accessories from the cheapo stand outside the Duane Reade on East 28th Street. 

The Observer says:

Apple is most famous for its glass cube on Fifth Avenue (the fifth most-photographed site in New York City) and a similar store on the Upper West Side. But the company also has a track record of historically sensitive design: namely, its first New York store, inside a Soho post office, its warehouse store in the Meatpacking District, and one in historic Georgetown, in Washington, D.C.

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