More Blizzardy Misery For New Haven Line

Sure, we complain about Metro-North pulling its daily play-action fake each morning, shooting a surprise express by unsuspecting would-be riders. But compared to our ilk on the New Haven Line, we have nothing–nothing–to complain about.

Metro-North has announced that, as of Monday, it’s throwing in the towel in terms of running a regular weekday schedule for that shitty Stamford-Greenwich-Westchester Sound Shore line. A “Reduced Winter Schedule” reduces train traffic during peak hours–ya know, when you need more trains–by about 10%, and the sparse Sunday schedule becomes the entire weekend schedule.

The changes will be in effect through March 4.

They’re “required because the railroad has had a severe and ongoing shortage of cars available for use on the New Haven Line,” said Metro-North in a statement. “The problems with the fleet result from the age of the cars — almost 70 percent of the electric fleet is over 40 years old — and the impact of the unprecedented winter weather on them.”

An estimated 40% of the New Haven Line fleet is out of commission, making for awful crowding on the trains.

A story in yesterday’s NY Times on the topic quotes our blogging brethren Chris Schoenfeld of  

On Monday, Mr. Schoenfeld squeezed onto a 8:27 a.m. local from Cos Cob, Conn., to New York. He described the ride as “the most crowded train I have ever ridden on Metro-North.”

“We shoehorned people on and off for four stops,” Mr. Schoenfeld said, “but by the time we got to New Rochelle, it was impossible to fit anyone else.”

Speaking of the poor New Haven Line, check out our photo in a story on the reduced service on Polly Kreisman’s Larchmont/Mamaroneck news site

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1 Response to More Blizzardy Misery For New Haven Line

  1. Jim Cameron says:

    The CT Rail Commuter Council is holding a special meeting on Wed. 2/16 to explore this Winter meltdown on Metro-North.

    We’re inviting commuters, CDOT, Metro-North, Kawasaki and elected offcials to attend.

    More info can be found at

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