Underground Grammar Lessons

This week’s edition of the NY Times’ Go Back to Your Flyover State, Because Only Smart People Live in New York Metropolitan Diary unearths some witty graffiti, not to be confused with ’80s new wave band Scritti Politti, in the subway station below Times Square.

Dear Diary:

While waiting for the next shuttle from Times Square to Grand Central, I notice an ad for an international bank. The billboard shows a Joe Six-Pack type on his recliner in front of the television, can of beer in hand, but has an ecological theme. The caption reads, “Recycling one can saves enough energy to power a television for three hours.”

Directly below the caption, four graffiti writers in succession have weighed in, the first chiding:

“1) ‘One CAN save’


“2) ‘One SAVES.’

“Never ‘One can saves.’ ”

Beneath which, the second explains:

“They’re talking about an actual can.”

Beneath which, a third comments:

“I love a city where graffiti’s about grammar.”

Beneath which, the fourth adds simply:


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