JerseyJim Wallows in the Sounds of Silence

Reporting on DAY FOUR of NJ Transit’s new experiment on peak commuter trains, The QUIET CAR.

 Failing to provide any concrete improvements to service for 2011, New Jersey Transit has cleverly decided to enforce more regulations on their customers, and take the credit for improving our commute.
This seems like a no-cost no-brainer. As of January 3, on the first and last cars of the rush-hour commuter trains, cell-phone talkers, and cell-phone ringing, personal conversations, and loud iPod-overflow are forbidden.
I’ve always been a First Car Traveller on my daily ride to NYC. As I embark at our station, there is usually a free seat up there, and getting off in Penn Station, you are farthest east and close to the stairwells leading to 7th Avenue. The first car on my usual train has always been a quite crowd of readers and Blackberry nodders, as most commuters are creatures of habit, I believe.
The problem is that so far, it is working too well, as today the first car was packed. I scored the second-to last empty seat (not counting the middle seats of the three-bench, of course). I guess all those middle-train chatterboxes have driven the quiet-seekers forward, to seek asylum with my familiar faces in the first car.
I’m glad to welcome the mumfolk, and skip the snarling banter between Jets and Giants fans.

 Maybe NJT will need to extend their quiet riot to two or three cars, and sequester the Louds to the just one car, to scream it out every day.

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