Last Stop For Subway Poesy


The MTA is likely scrapping its “Train of Thought” placards on the subways, a program that has offered riders a taste of prose, in one form or another, since the dark days of 1992.

The program started out as “Poetry in Motion,” notes the NY Times, but shifted to Train of Thought to incorporate a broader array of the written word. It had been sponsored by Jeopardy!, but that deal is done, and the MTA will use the space to tell riders how good a job it’s doing.

Writes the Times:

Officials at the authority said that, for now, they needed the space to showcase their newly redesigned customer service ads. The new campaign replaces the “Going Your Way” and “Sub Talk” mottos with a new slogan, “Improving, Nonstop,” and showcases digital countdown clocks and the installation of new security cameras, among other initiatives.

Jeremy Soffin, a spokesman for the authority, said the agency wanted a cleaner, more consistent way to let riders know about its revitalization efforts. “A decision was made to move ahead with this campaign, which is focused on communicating with our customers with the space we have to do that,” he said.

Asked about the future of the program, Mr. Soffin said, “What follows is yet to be determined.”

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