How Not to Use a Crosswalk, Part III

I almost forgot about this.

Me and The Missus were heading to the city Saturday for my old rugby club’s annual winter blowout dinner. We waited on the platform for the Manhattan train, sipping Bud bottles while we waited. (Hey Station Deli — could you have a lamer selection of beers?)

Suddenly a gray econo-sedan, after unloading a passenger at Hawthorne station, made a right turn that I’ve never seen before at the station.

I’ve seen a number of egregious motorists’ crosswalk violations since Hawthorne has taken small steps to become more pedestrian-friendly, or at least less pedestrian-unfriendly. While approaching the crosswalk on Chelsea and Memorial on my bike, an intersection that features a waist-high plastic sign draped in reflective tape in the middle of the street (same as in the photo below), reminding all involved that it’s a crosswalk (and that it’s a state law to treat it as such), I’ve twice had cars fly into the wrong lane from behind me, driving in the face of potential oncoming traffic, just so they wouldn’t have to slow down to fit between the crosswalk sign and the guy on the bike. (White Mercedes, license plate DFW, if you’re scoring at home.)

Not what the inventor of the crosswalk intended by any stretch.

Well, this gray car deserves a mention too. The station parking lot has a crosswalk across its midsection like a belt, leading to a crossed-out parking spot on the edge of the lot touching Elwood, telling all that it’s not a parking spot anymore, that it’s now part of the walkway linking people from the station to the street.


It’s dark, I know. But the car drove along the crosswalk, then turned onto Elwood from the No Parking spot.

The gray car, however, actually turned into the crossed out parking spot, and used that as her own personal exit ramp. Yes, she inched her car into the illicit spot, then made a turn onto Elwood–but not before blocking traffic in Elwood for several long seconds so she could make the unprecedented turn.

Sweet move, sister.

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2 Responses to How Not to Use a Crosswalk, Part III

  1. jerseyjim says:

    Riding my bike this morning, a HUGE tan Escalade was slowly lurking behind me for about 1/4 mile. As I wheezed and pedaled harder over a short rise, they finally turned. They were certainly worried that they couldn’t pass me safely, but I thought the Feds had tracked me down…

  2. Track Jockey says:

    To be fair to the driver, where exactly is that crosswalk going? no sidewalks in sight…

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