Mole People Flock to ‘Underbelly’ Exhibit


There’s a brilliant new art exhibit going on in New York, and you’ll never get to see it, as it occupies an unused underground subway station.

The “Underbelly Project” organizers tipped off a Times reporter and took him/her into the deep, dark, dangerous and very illegal bowels of the New York subway system, where a bunch of established-yet-funky artists had been commissioned to create art in the barren subway station.

Over 100 artists contributed to the exhibit, which involved sneaking in from a neighboring station when the platform was bare, finding their way through the dark tunnel, and doing their work by camping light.

The rats, ya know, were everywhere.

Jasper Rees writes:

Abandoned stations like this — and there are a fair number of them in the city — are irresistible to those who search out hidden spaces in the city, despite or perhaps because of the fact that being there is illegal and potentially dangerous.

Rees doesn’t say where the exhibit resides, or even if it’s in Manhattan or an outer borough. I assume that was a decision to dissuade people from trying to sneak in and see it.

The link has both photos and video.

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