Commuting In, Around, and Out of Westchester, and Other Fun Stuff


The soon-to-drop October issue of Westchester Magazine surveys Westchesterites (Westchester-ers?) about their commutes in, out, and around the county.

Almost half (45%) of those surveyed ride Metro-North, with the remainder driving to and from work. Here’s how the train people pass the time:

Listen to my ipod 26%
Read a book 26%
Read the New York Times 18%
Text my friends/family 13%
Do work 13%
Sleep 4%

Take notes on fellow riders for some stoopid commuter blog .00001% (OK, I made that one up.)

Here’s how long the Westchesterers, both in their cars and on Metro-North, commute to work.

Under an hour (36%)
Under 30 minutes (32%)
Between 1 to 2 hours (23%)
15 minutes (9%)

Elsewhere in the new mag, a notable train scribe who, in fact, happens to be me, has a small article on how Westchester’s old train station buildings have been transformed–with our own Hawthorne digs next up for renovation and revamping.

The Mount Pleasant Town Board was to decide in late August or early September which vendor bid they’d accept for the station house’s new tenant. Far as we know, it’s not been decided yet.

And just in case we haven’t plugged Westchester Mag enough, the cover story ranks the best places to live in the 914, based on factors like housing costs, crime, shopping and schools. Pleasantville, winner of the 2008 Trainjotting Best Damn Commuter Town Period, came in at #6.

Mount Pleasant came in at #11. Here’s part of what WM wrote:

…it has a near non-existent crime rate, is filled with parks and playgrounds, and its housing costs are not prohibitive. However, Mount Pleasant (especially its villages of Valhalla, Thornwood, and Hawthorne), doesn’t have much of a nightlife scene or great dining or shopping options.

The best place to live in Westchester? Well, you just have to pick up the magazine. We’ll add that it was just about a clean sweep for the River Towns.

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1 Response to Commuting In, Around, and Out of Westchester, and Other Fun Stuff

  1. Monarch RH says:

    Some very interesting stats, it’s telling that about half of commuters take the train–New York has some of the best public transport in the country, and it shows in this stat! For commuters in Westchester the train is often the best option.

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