Metro-North Somewhat Screwed Up Today

Apparently a little too much gloating on the part of Metro-North riders about their uninterrupted service during Thursday’s storm has resulted in massive delays this afternoon.

In fact there’s some sort of fire that’s been put out in the Bronx that’s limiting trains big-time.

Writes Metro-North:

Two of four tracks remain out of service on the 138th Street Bridge due to an earlier fire.
Service will operate into and out of Grand Central Terminal but delays and cancellations are possible.

At around 1 p.m. today, Metro-North issued an extensive “Alternative Service Plan” for all three lines, with not a word describing why riders might need an alternative service plan.

Many riders will be heading–or at least hoping to head–to Yankee Stadium tonight for Yankees-Rays and their battle for first place.

UPDATE AS OF 4:15: Normal PM rush service is expected this evening on all three lines, Hudson, Harlem and New Haven.  Regular Train to the Game Yankees service also is operating.

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