SPECIAL GUEST POST: Train Plays the Trop


Talk about Soul Sister–we are happy to feature a guest post from TJ’s sister herself, reviewing a concert featuring the San Francisco band Train at Tropicana Field in Tampa last weekend. (Er, “Rays of Jupiter,” anyone?)

Writing about a band called Train…train jotting…get it?

Sister Kate takes it from here.

I guess in an effort to sell tickets, the Tampa Bay Rays have a summer concert series on Saturday nights where you get a concert after the game.  Pretty good deal.  Initially I went cheap on the tickets and got the $18 seats in the 300 rows.  After I ordered them a trusted colleague of mine told me she had just sat in that section the week prior and the seats are so high and on such a pitch that she was sort of dizzy and nauseus. 

Well, that was all I had to hear and this motion sickness family member was on with Ticketmaster within minutes. [EDITOR’S NOTE: The whole family suffers from various degrees of motion sickness.]

I upgraded to $35 tickets and they were great —  in right field, prime foul ball territory.  For the concert they were ok b/c we had a side view of the stage but my daughters were just happy to be at their first rock concert. 

Train was very good, they played several songs that anyone who occasionally listens to the radio would be able to sing along to.  I was a little alarmed when singer Pat took his shirt off and my 5 year old started chanting “keep it off!”,  but other than that it was a blast. 

The game started at 4:10 and lasted almost 3 hours and the Rays beat the Orioles and there was even a grand slam in there somewhere.

Tried to see the stingray tank but was too late, it’s only open for the first two hours of a game.

The stage was set up in centerfield in less than 30 minutes and the concert went from 8-9, totally manageable with kids. 

People were wasted, though, on the way out, as you could imagine after drinking through a game and concert. 

Also worth mentioning, the Trop lets you bring in food and drinks as long as it’s not glass, so thats a $$ saver.  Who doesn’t like to have a banana at a ballgame? 

Rays fans rowdy but nice.  Only saw three people get trampled when they opened up the field to those who had special field tickets for the concert. 

Overall two families of 4 thoroughly enjoyed a day in Tampa Bay to see the second beast of the east win  and the memory of  seeing the kids’ faces while singing along to “Soul Sister.”

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