Yanks Ride the Rails to Deliver HOPE

I generally try not to say nice things about the Yankees, but as the Mets were fighting with their closer after K-Rod’s season finished prematurely after a fight with his kids’ grandfather, Joe Girardi, Joba Chamberlain and Tino Martinez, among others, were schlepping on New Jersey Transit and the subway to accompany a blind Yankee fan and her guide dog to the Stadium for last night’s contest against Detroit.

It’s part of HOPE Week (Helping Others Persevere and Excel) for the Yankees, when the guys do nice things for people in need. (The Mets, meanwhile are conducting the less wholesome BUYFIL Week (Beat Up Your Father-in-Law.)

The pinstriped posse picked up the blind woman, Jane Lang, at her Morris Plains home, then took New Jersey Transit to Penn Station, and switched to the D train to get up to the Stadium.

You can view the slide show here.

Kudos to them for making the woman’s day–and for taking public transportation.

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