Straddling Buses, Leaning Riders and Subway Stuffers

Trainjotting virtually ventures to the Far East today for a gallery of rogues on the Japanese railways, and the most intriguing public transportation photo you’ll see all day from out of China. (Please, no Orient Express jokes, thank you.)

Japan’s Metropolis offers an entertaining slide show of the nation’s most offensive train archetypes, called “Varieties of Train Creeps.” (Yes, it’s in English.) The creeps include the Door Hog, the Non-Handicapped Sleeper, and, of course, the Gaijin Avoider. (Gaijin is, of course, a foreigner.)

One commenter writes:

The leaners are my favorite! I love to shift whenever the train hits a bump so I can let gravity take its course. Nothing like a good ol’ “manvalanche” to brighten your day.

Speaking of Japanese train systems, one simply cannot get enough of the clip of the platform stewards jamming–and I mean jamming–riders onto the train.

Then, the NY Times shows a rendering of a bus that holds 1,200 people–and straddles the highway, meaning cars can drive beneath it. They’re considering the straddling bus for China, where traffic is apparently a bit of an issue.

Fascinating. This should hold us until they finally invite the commuter jet-pack.


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