Chappaqua, Pleasantville Get Their Close-Ups

The delightful commuter blog IRideTheHarlemLine has a fun little visit to Chappaqua station, with some eye-catching photos from IRTHL’s Emily, including some trippy fish-eye lens pics.


She writes:

When I started visiting stations I will admit that there were quite a few of them I was unfamiliar with, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Chappaqua, and the gorgeously restored wood in the station was quite a pleasant find. Enjoy the photos: and if you get a moment, be sure to visit this gem of a station, rich with history.

Chappaqua’s close-up comes on the heels of a similar station visit to Pleasantville, with a special nod to the Pleasantville station’s quirky-yet-useful “Almost Home” art installation.


Emily notes:

The little station in the middle of the Harlem Line has character – a lot of which has to do with the Arts for Transit piece there. The station is easily accessible from the attractive green area in the center of the village. Part of the reason it differs from many of the other area stations is the fact that the platform is lower than the neighboring streets. As opposed to walking up a set of stairs to a vestibule above the tracks, the larger than usual vestibule and waiting area sits at street level, and you instead descend a set of stairs to the platform.

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