W Train’s Last Ride a Party


Lest the W train think it barely registered in our consciousness, a batch of hardy New Yorkers turned its last ride into a party last weekend, reports the NY Times. Running from Astoria to lower Manhattan and back, the Dubya was one of the casualties of the MTA’s budget cuts. It had only run since 2001, giving it a similar tenure to that of another famous W, our 43rd president, notes the Times

It sounds as though most of the “mourners” were more interested in a fun happening and the chance to drink booze on a train than actually celebrating the train’s last run.

Writes the Times

Dozens of mourners were on hand when the final southbound W eased out of the Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard station at 10:17 p.m. (Novelty and boredom were the most cited reasons for showing up.)

The train’s caboose quickly morphed into a party car, as the young crowd stood on benches, drank beer and cheered upon entering every station on the route. When an N or Q train arrived on the other side of the platform, the group booed loudly.

Quietly observing this bacchanal was Renee Alexander, who stood in the far corner of the car and assumed the studied stare of a subway rider who finds herself inches away from chaos. “I am feeling like my train was hijacked,” she said.

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  1. Found your site on Altavista, great content, but the site looks awkward in Chrome, but works fine in IE. Go figure.

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