Questionnaires Sent Out Regarding Hawthorne Station Building


The local quality of life group Mount Pleasant Today sent out questionnaires last night to area commuters to see what they’d like to do with the old Hawthorne station building.

“We believe that through active community involvement, Mount Pleasant residents and businesses can work together with town officials to implement positive changes and make the hamlets of Mount Pleasant a better place to live,” reads the questionnaire’s intro. “Since the Hawthorne Train Station is the center of Hawthorne, we would like to start here in improving our Town’s appearance.”

The group will also hand out flyers with the 10-question survey at the station and at various town buildings.

If you’d like to get a copy, drop them an email at

Commuters are asked to rank a range of possible uses for the station house, including a restaurant, a coffee shop, a dry cleaner, and a police substation.

One question pertains to refurbishing the building’s exterior–perhaps to its original state, as pictured above.

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2 Responses to Questionnaires Sent Out Regarding Hawthorne Station Building

  1. harv sibley says:

    Why dont we rebuild the station as it was originally….so cool, so retro, yet functional?

  2. susan shea demartino says:

    I would like to see the station as a Tea House combined with a womens exchange as in Scarsdale.
    The hand made goods for sale could beifit a charity of choice and the tea and finger sandwiches and such would be a nice respite from our hurried lives.

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