Trainjotting Media Empire Expands

There is no better time than the onset of the Subway Series–ya know, trains and baseball–to announce the newest entry in the Trainjotting media empire: the baseball blog BATTER CHATTER — Where Baseball and Language Intersect.

As the name suggests, Batter Chatter covers the evolving language of baseball–the funny terms, expressions, lingo and cliches that give the game such flavor. It’s got a similar tone to Trainjotting: whimsical, absurd,¬†finding humor where one might think little exists.

Will we continue to do Trainjotting? Yes. As long as we enjoy it and people seem to be reading it, we will keep Trainjotting humming along like the 5:46 out of Gotham.

So if you enjoy baseball, Trainjotting, or both, please bookmark the new site, visit it daily, and comment when appropriate–or, better yet, when not appropriate.

Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting Trainjotting–and Batter Chatter.

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