Sign o’ the Times


Thanks to the new work locale two blocks closer to Grand Central, I’ve been exiting the 6 train out the ass-end (perhaps there is a better way to rephrase that) at 28th, as opposed to the front end at 26th I used to use.

As a result I noticed the electronic scoreboards that tell you when your train is coming.

I’m sure these have been in place at 28th for some time, but I first encountered them–on both the uptown and downtown sides–pretty cool.

My first encounter with signs like this was, like many people, in London. I remember there was a stop called Seven Sisters, which struck me as just so English. Wikipedia says the Seven Sisters are located in Tottenham and represent seven clustered oak trees. So the Seven Sisters are not the women involved in Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, in case you were wondering.

I saw those signs in London about a decade ago.

Nice to see the MTA joining the Y2K era.

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